Monday, November 12, 2007

Raley One Hit Wonder Band

Here's another in a list of bands that released just one song I liked. Made up of Charlie Farren on guitar and vocals along with David Heit on bass, combine the two and bingo, and you have "Ferrenheit". Cute. In 1987, KSHE played the song "Fool In Love" for about two weeks. I fell in love with it and enjoy the lush harmonies. The CD was produced by Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Journey) and mastered by Bob Ludwig. Excellent song, that was it, bye, they were gone after less than a month. Very nice pop tune. I enjoy good pop songs and this is a good one.

Thanks to my friend Steve K., here is the video:
It's a bit grainy and dark and you need to turn up the speakers, but hey, here they are:


skonrad said...

I know it was 1987 and pop-rock was all the rage -- Lita Ford went to a party last Saturday night, didn't get laid, got in a fight -- but this is nothing like I would ever expect to hear on KSHE!

Anonymous said...

These guys opened for Boston on the Third Stage tour in '87...3 nights in St. Louis! I still have the album! Lost in Loveland was also a pretty good song from that album...Charlie Farren also was a featured vocalist on Boston's Corporate America release (well, featured on one song, anyway).

Anonymous said...

That was a good song! I still have the album too (somewhere)! Randy, do you remember the band Prism? "Don't Let Him Know" was another great song too! At least I thought so!

Rockclassics said...

Yes - I remember it well.

Here's another one by a different group that kind of falls into the same category - "Should I See" by Frozen Ghost. KSHE played it for a short period of time and then it was gone too. Frozen Ghost actually had 3 albums plus an Essentials compilation disc.

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