Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Raley One Hit Wonder Band

"Reflections of my Life" by the band Marmalade was released in December 1969. Probably heard on the radio in the beginning of 1970. I was getting ready to turn 14. My brother was in Vietnam, I was living in the middle of nowhere. I think this song may have helped save my life. Is that possible? The haunting, melancholy vibe of the song was plugged on to what I was feeling. The incredible backward guitar solo only enchanced it's reputation with me. I heard it on the radio for the first time and ordered the song from Cummin's Electric the next day (the only other place to buy 45s was at the drug store and all of their records skipped or weren't the latest on the charts). I played this song over and over and to this day, remains one of my all time favorites. Here's a very cool video of the band doing the song live (not lipsynching it). This is probably in my top 30 of all time. Funny the stuff you take from youth, huh? It's always the good stuff.

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