Saturday, October 20, 2007

Randy's One Hit Wonder

Every once in a while one song from a certain band will grab me. that doesn't necessarily mean I will like the rest of the material, but, nonetheless dig that one song. Here is one that I just heard.

The first picture is of them in 1985 when the song was recorded. If I am not mistaken, KSHE played this in the beginning of 1986. The above picture is them today, same guys, same band. Impressive. I always thought they were a bit too punk for me, but the one song is nothing but snarling, cooking rock and roll and still on my playlist today. Apparently the band is still together and doing gigs in the LA area. Named after the lead singer Exene Cervenka, X also features John Doe on guitar. "Burning House of Love" is about all this band had, to me anyway. Great song!

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Fowler Jones said...

X, a one-hit wonder? I'd say simply a wonder. Do yourself a favor, Raley. Spend some time exploring their impressive catalog. You won't be sorry.

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