Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dude, that song just sucked!

I can’t tell which is funnier, this long-hated cheesebag-anthem turned into a much more interesting, atonal mess in front of thousands of paying customers or the hilarious soldiering on of the Van Halens as they look at each other from inside the trainwreck. Eddie tries to transpose on the fly and match the wildly fucked up keyboards but the great thing there is the difference in pitch is non-musical - about 1.5 semitones sharp. So there’s no frets he can choose to fix the problem! And Wolfgang is 13? Jeez, he's bigger and taller than Eddie.
I would say, the pre recorded synsthesizers are a bit out of pitch, but that's just me. Hope you guys get it fixed before St. Louis. Ick


Brian Holland said...

It's so off-key, they make the Sex Pistols sound like Pink Floyd! This is Exhibit "A" on why I'm not wasting my time, much less my money, with this joke of a tour. Michael Anthony should be delighted he's been spared the embarrassment of being a part of it. Pure Rock 'N' Roll dreck!

Bonnie said...

Wolfie is 16 now. It sounds like the shows are wildly inconsistent. For every review that says VH IS BACK, there's one that says they're embarrassing.

I'd like to see them but I just can't afford it... :\

Matt said...

I saw them last night in KC, and I have to say I wasn't expecting much - and was very pleasantly surprised! Well worth the ticket price. Wolfie was pretty much dead-on with the harmonies and the bass. Eddie looked and jumped around the stage like he was in his twenties, not fifties. Dave's voice was pretty damn good - just none of the howls from his former years. He mostly pranced around the stage, I don't think he ran anywhere. And of course, they played all their VH, version one, hits - I would've gone just to see "Unchained" - Matt

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