Wednesday, October 17, 2007


As much as Major League Baseball tries to pull me out of my love for the game, something happens that pulls me back in. The possiblitity of a Colorado/Cleveland World Series thrills me to no end. I hope no one (other than baseball fans) tune in. That's what MLB gets for being greedy enough to relegate the NL Divisional and Championship Series to TB(fuggin)S. Baseball sold more tickets than ever this year, but that doesn't matter, it will continue to shoot itself in the foot when it comes to broadcast rights. TBS? Not even ESPN? WTF? Still, true baseball fans like me will be glued to the action because these have been the two best teams in the playoffs. The Rockies may have one of the best defenses ever (that's the stuff that wins games). They certainly have my favorite manager (see post below). What is not to like about Cleveland? They beat the Yankees. 'nuff said. And if you, Manny Ramirez pulled the shit you pulled last night with any pitcher from the 60s or 70s, you would have a baseball in your ear next time up. If you would have done that with Gibson, he would have tackled your ass by the time you got to first base and beat you with his glove. Or, at least the next guy up would have paid for your stupid fucking pompous ass gesture with your team losing. Prick. Do what Matt Holliday did. Hit the home run. Run the bases.

So, I am rooting for a Denver/Cleveland Series. I have been to both cities. Denver wins by an avalanche (I kill me). Go Cleveland!!!

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Brian Holland said...

Amen on the Cleveland/Colorado series. Even though I was happy for the Botox--sorry--BoSox finally ending the curse in '04, I'm tiring of the whole Red Sox Nation thing, and would love to see a World Series featuring a team who hasn't won it all in nearly 60 years vs. one who has never played in it at all.

I'm especially fired-up for the Rockies because I'm going to be in Colorado on vacation the week after next, and would love to experience their celebration in person, unlike I failed to do with your beloved Cards last year when I thought the clinching game would be rained-out. Go Rockies!

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