Sunday, October 14, 2007


In the comments section of a previous post, someone brought up the game of Euchre. I have been playing Euchre for as long as I can remember. the above hand, by the way is the best hand you can have if you get it. When I worked in the shops at John Deere, J.I.Case and such, during our three breaks we would get all night, we would fill those breaks with as much Euchre as possible. We would play while we were eating lunch, play in the bars on Friday night (while comsuming "red beer"), play at home with the family, it didn't matter. Apparently, the game came from Germany and since the Quad Cities was rife with Germans, ergo the games popularity. Not a lot of people from St. Louis play the game. It is difficult to explain the rules but Wikipedia does it justice here.

I am a champion Euchere player, by the way.
Now, on the farm, we used to play pitch, which would be considered Euchre's second cousin, I guess. Nights were filled with cards on the farm. Rummy was a huge game with us but a lot of the time, we would play pitch and my grandfather would mysteriously win most of the time. He just kicked our ass constantly or he cheated, which could be entirely possible. After the homework, the chores and the radio, there wasn't much else to do. So you played cards. Pitch and Rummy on the farm, in the middle of nowhere. Here's the deal on pitch.

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