Saturday, February 14, 2009

ARoid and the Hall of Famers

Cheaters don't get in...period. That includes you, Mr. Bonds, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez, Andy Pettitte, Roger Clemens, Miguel Tejada (jeez, guy, you've been in this country for ten years, please speak english)anyone who cheated is out, I don't care what the circumstances were.

Bud Selig (the commissioner of baseball) makes 18 million a year...let's divide that by 52, shall we? That's $346,153.84 a week. What does he do? Stands by idly as the game gets trashed under his watch. Hey, I'd do it every year for what he makes in a week. I could, you know. Very easily...

Roger Goodell is the commisioner of the NFL and he has decided to take a pay cut. I would do his job for the pay cut, but at least he's doing something. Mr. Goodell, I hope you do something about the preening and grandstanding that happens in the NFL after every play, but I know these guys are mostly thugs and don't know better.

One last thing, calculus and alcohol do NOT mix...please don't drink and derive.. hey that's all I got, I'm here all week.

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