Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ipod Jukebox

As I was sitting down this morning, catching up on some correspondence, working on some written stuff, and adding pages to the book I'm writing (oh boy!), I decided some tunes would be in order this beautiful Sunday morning. God has given us a gorgeous day and I will repay the favor by going to Mass at 6pm tonight, sprained ankle and all (Oops, I did it again).....

It's time to check in on the old IPOD jukebox and find out what tasty treats Randy has in store for us today...

Crying-Roy Orbison

Mercury Blues-Steve Miller

29 Palms-Robert Plant

Isn't She Lovely-Stevie Wonder

A New Rock and Roll-Mahogany Rush

Rock Steady-Sting

Dangerous-Doobie Brothers

Tomorrow Never Knows-Phil Collins

The Boxer-Emmylou Harris

Detroit Breakdown-J. Geils Band

No, No, No-Deep Purple

Angel of Death-Hank Williams

I'm Leaving-Taxxi

French Foreign Legion-Frank Sinatra

Long, Lonesome Highway-Michael Parks

Ghost Town Parade-Les Dudek

Wild Night-Van Morrison

What A Fool Believes-Kenny Loggins

Young Lust-Pink Floyd

Blue-Joni Mitchell

Brightest Star-Santana

Travelin Band-CCR

Help Me Rhonda-Beach Boys

Nice mix, wouldn't you agree?


Wes said...

In the industry we call that a Cankle, not an ankle.

Matt said...

But only if you're pregnant - well, Randy?!

bluesapphire1960 said...

That looks like mine a few years ago when I BROKE it, sure that's a sprain????????????

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