Saturday, February 14, 2009

Over Rated Part 4

Jefferson Airplane

Yeah, yeah, Grace was beautiful and all that, but I never got them. I actually liked the Jefferson Starship better, so call me weird. I thought Dragonfly, Red Octopus and Freedom at Point Zero were much better recordings than anything these guys came up with. "You and Me and Poniell" WTF? Marty Balin's voice is still electric but I guess I was behind the times and not really with it becasue outside of three songs "Go Ask Alice", "Pretty As You Feel"and "Somebody To Love", the rest was acid induced drivel. I remember when KSHE had a party for the release of "We Built This City"(ick)in 1985 and Grace was less than pleasant (much less, almost Rod Stewartish). Hey, you wanted me to post more about music than anything else, so be careful what you wish for. Meh, average band at best

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Brian Holland said...

You are not alone in thinking the Starship era was superior to the Airplane. Along with the songs you noted, only "Volunteers", "Crown Of Creation", "Wooden Ships" and "Greasy Heart" and one or two other Airplane tunes are even worth listening to, IMHO. Marty Balin himself admitted that their post-1969 output was “all drugged-out and coked-out—it was boring.”

I thought Jefferson Starship had a nice little run from '79 thru '82 with 'Freedom At Point Zero',
'Modern Times' and 'Winds of Change', with the high point being 1981's "Stairway To Cleveland"--the greatest song that can never be played on the radio without being censored!

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