Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meandering Musings

Yesterday was the road trip day. You know, as much as I like to drive, yesterday was a bit much. I borrowed a truck from a friend of mine, left St. Louis at nine am, heading to Bloomington to get the last (I thought) of my stuff. I sold some things on Craigslist (which was decent experience) and decided after talking to my daughter, that she could use the rest. I arrived in Bloomington about 11:30 and packed up the truck (by myself) with a couch, kitchen table and chairs, a coffee table, two end tables and my bike. The people who bought my bed and dresser on Craigslist got there early, so leaving Bloomington at 1:15 put me 45 minutes ahead of schedule. Driving west on interstate 74, I encountered some of the strongest winds in recent memory. I stopped along the highway to make sure my load was tight and secure and nearly got decapitated my someones rear view mirror. Between Galesburg and the Quad Cities, the winds were blowing so hard that, for a few miles, there was nearly a white out. People spinning out on the highway even though it hadn't snowed in days. I arrived at my daughters in Davenport at about 3:45 or so, unloaded the truck by myself (except for the couch) and was on my merry way around five. I ate at my favorite Mexican restaurant (Rudy's in Moline) and headed for the Gateway City at about six. Once again, between Galesburg and Peoria, cars were spinning everywhere, the snow was blowing so hard it was packing up the highway and making travel pretty dangerous, but me, being the soldier I am, marched on. I arrived here at 10:20pm, worn out, tired and ready to read at church this morning at 7:30am. The strange part about this moving bit is that I am not done yet. I have to go back one more time to finish the job. It makes me wonder how I could have accumulated all that stuff in 6 months. THAT has to change.

I love reading at church, I love being in church. There is something calming and soothing about being in God's house that really appeals to me. Church makes me think, it makes be happy, it makes me cry sometimes. I never feel lost there and to use one of the very few gifts that God has given me to proclaim his word to the masses, makes me feel, in some small way, that I am doing his work.
I have a nibble on a VERY large fish. Please pray for me that I can pull this fish into the boat. The images of guys reeling in huge marlins or swordfish come to mind. It could be one of the biggest fish in my life and maybe one of the most satisfying. Your good karma thoughts and wishes are certainly appreciated.
Yes, I am STILL rooting for Kurt Warner to get to the Superbowl. I don't find myself getting caught up in all the football fanatics, but I am a fan of his and hope that he continues his comeback story. Good things DO happen to good guys, and as far as I am concerned, he is about as good as it gets.
I love the State Farm commercial. It's real song done by Frank and Nancy Sinatra.
Here's the video for all who care...actually not a bad song

That's all for now, see you soon.

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