Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lint On My Shirt

...I leave Bloomington/Normal with mixed feelings. I think I left the stations better than I found them and I am sad not to have been able to finish what I started. I leave confident though, knowing that I found a whole new skill set for myself. I really liked the area and was excited about getting more involved in the community and the lifestyle there. It's on to the next challenge, wherever and whenever that may be.

...I believe that you must continually exercise your brain, at least as much, if not more than your body. This blog is an exercise of my brain. Writing is something I have done since the high school newspaper days. Too bad I haven't got much better at it.

...I remember how much I caterwalled at the tremendous amount of crap my mother in law had acquired before her death and how it seemed that the job of emptying out her apartment took forever. The amount of junk I collected in less than a year in Bloomington rivals that. If I ever move away again, please remind me that "less is more". Incredible.

...Stress can really mess with your body. It can shut you down or open you up, whichever.

...I think of myself as being a good Christian man (what would be a "bad" Christian?), conversely, I sometimes like bawdy entertainment. Example, I am now at episode 11 of Deadwood. Yes there are a lot of $#&+ers and c&*^%$ers, but the entertainment value is incredible and just the thought of trying to make it back then makes me wonder how tough those people were.

...When people ask me how it's going, I at least have some options opened up to me. I could say that this is the winter of my discontent, but I have already been through that. Being so sick that you can't get out of bed for three months will certainly put it all into perspective.

...When I try and sleep, sometimes song lyrics will play over and over in my head, here's the one that's been on my mind lately..."A gal comes towards you, You once used to know, You reach out your hand, But you're all alone.."

Here's the video for the whole song..

Al Stewart's music is so real, so basic. This features Peter White on guitar, one of the most underrated players in the business and Brian Savage on saxophone. Peter and Brian are huge in the Smooth Jazz world. According to Al, he didn't like this song much, but it became a huge hit for him. The follow up to "Year of the Cat". Al is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He came through St. Louis and played at a small club with just him and a guitar. Hard to do this song without the sax, though. Ah, yes, the summer of 1978..

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