Friday, October 10, 2008

No Title Needed

Each Presidential candidate is engaged in the most monumental challenge in their lives thus far. How each responds to this challenge is reflective ofhow they will respond to the even more difficult challenges of thePresidency. McCain's answer to this challenge is to resort to division and invective. His efforts further divide white from black, rich from poor and Democrat from Republican. He has chosen to set aside his own principle of civil campaigning for the sake of winning. Civil campaigning is necessary because after any election all must come together to find solutions. McCain's chosen tactics of division will make it even more difficult togovern, no matter who wins the election. "A nation divided against itself cannotstand." Does anyone seriously think that division is good for America? It may be good for Senator McCain, but is it good for the nation? McCain supporters scream that Obama is evil, the anti-Christ, a terrorist. McCain makes no effort to stop these screams and thus he is responsible for rage behind those screams. We are seeing our nation torn apart by Senator McCain's efforts. As President, I think that Mc Cain would be as confrontational and divisive as Bush. His policy would be one of turning Americans against one another. The overriding policy would still be "Divide and Conquer". For those who are addicted to the emotional high of always being angry and outraged, my comment will have no appeal. I acknowledge that. I am speaking those who reject anger and passion in favor of calm deliberation and consideration of the problems with which we must deal. Our problems are worse now than ever before in our lifetimes. Which of the two candidates will best be able to get us through this economic nightmare. If united, we could come out of this nightmare better and stronger for having endured it. If divided, we will fail. "A nation divided against itself cannot stand." Which candidate offers the better hope for unity? You decide. I support Obama because of his calm and reasoned approach to the challenges of the campaign. How Obama handles the campaign is reflective of how he will govern. He will not govern with rage and passion, but with considered opinion and rational deliberation. America has had enough rage and passion for a lifetime. McCain offers America fear. Obama offers hope. The choices are clear:
Reason or Rage.
Division or a chance for Unity


Bryan said...

I'll take rage and division as opposed to "neighborliness" and "spreading the wealth around".

I can't believe these are the two candidates we've got to choose from.

Obama is nothing more than a product of the Chicago machine.
"Hope and Change" my's just more of the same thug liberal tactics when someone disagrees with the "progressive" agenda.

Mc Cain somehow was the only one left standing for the Republicans.
"Country First" doesn't stand up to the recent Rolling Stone article. He is a caricature of the "Maverick" on the "Straight Talk Express" from 2000.

My conscience tells me to vote Libertarian. My head tells me I'm throwing away my vote.

RR said...

thanks for your opinion. my mother would be spinning in her grave if she knew i was even thinking about voting for a black man. i hope and pray we can all come together after this election. my common sense tells me otherwise.

bryan said...

I'm certain you and I could come together after the election; no matter who wins. I'm not trying to condemn anyone else with my's just my opinion...nothing more, really...but I'd rather express it, and have someone express theirs to me than have someone be noncomittal.

I think your common sense telling you otherwise on the "come together" part as a nation is correct. The screaming mimis on each side get louder and louder each day. I personally feel they (fringe righty and leftys) only represent 10-20% of the country, yet they seem to monopolize the court of public opinion.

The world won't end if John Mc Cain is elected president; nor will it end if Barack Obama is elected president. Unfortunately, according to campaign rhetoric, it seems as if it will.

Thanks for letting me have a voice on your blog. You're the reason I got into radio; and congratulations on your new gig.

It's budget season. I'm sure you're having as much fun with that as I am.

RR said...

i have no idea who you might be. if i left any kind of impression on anyone, then i am truly blessed. budgets? after the last three weeks on wall street? i hope i have one when the dust settles. we will do more with less, as that is the climate in radio. thanks again, it would be great to have a cold one with you sometime...whoever you are. stop by often

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