Monday, October 06, 2008

Biff Barf with Sports in My Shorts

This one is for the previous 30 years of beatdowns in Lincoln, this one was for Chase Daniels getting spat upon by a Nebraska player (which "pissed him off"), this one was for the time I lived in Lincoln and Mizzou was down 59-0 at halftime, this one was for all the alumni who have suffered at the hands of the Huskerplex curse. 52-17. Mizzou scored in the first minute. I watched this at a party on Saturday night and you could feel the excitement in the room. Who would have thunk this? As of today the University of Missouri football Tigers are ranked number two by the coaches and number three by the writers. This one's for you, Nebraska.

Fear and loathing await the Oklahoma State Cowboys, who come into Columbia also 5-0 and ranked number 17. Still waiting for Mizzou to trip up...can't shake the feeling. Maybe, just maybe, it's not your older brother's Mizzou.

Lou Piniella....what the hell happened? Soriano sucked, your defense sucked and your hitting sucked. Wow, even the most hearty Cubs fan has to wonder what the hell... I am rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays, have been for awhile and I hope they get past the White Sox becasue I can't stand the manager of the Sox. I always like the underdog.

Anyone...anyone but the Red Sox and the "Red Sox nation" which covers...Boston and the northeast.

How bad will the Chiefs be this year? Really, really bad. How did this playoff team two years ago disintegrate into this mess? I know that when I lived in KC the first time, the Chiefs were horrible but at least the Royals put on a good show. Now...

I hate the clowns in the booth for Monday Night Football. They are equally as bad as Chris Berman who has pictures of someone somewhere. Ick. Could I do it better? Give me a shot, Ill try...

Speaking of shot, nothing like a nice shot of Cuervo to calm the should try one, Chris

I hate Sunday night, I always have and I always will, I harken back to being a kid and it's probably separation anxiety issues....thank you Dr. Freud

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