Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Saturdays Worth of Junk

I told you it would be the Spurs and the Pistons in the finals, didn't I? Evidence #234 in the case of the Raley jinx. It's real.

Every recyclable piece of garbage has been deposited in the local recycle station. I wonder what my carbon foot print is? I take public transportation, I recycle, have the "correct lightblubs" but man you oughtta see my lawnmower smoke for about 30 seconds. Whew!

As much as I am still boycotting The Cardinals, the team looks pretty good. It's nice to see some young capable kids in there. This Joe Mather kid is supposedly the next Willie McGee. Speaking of favorite baseball players, no one better than Willie. I have never seen a guy go from first to third faster than Willie, he looked like the roadrunner out there. Humble, gracious guy who needs his number retired at Busch Stadium. Now.

My Metro link stop to get to work is Busch Stadium. Whenever I walk by there on my way to work or after, I make it a point to always walk in front of the Jack Buck statue. They play his greatest calls from the archives on the speakers. I never tire of listening to him in his prime call an important moment. "Swing and THERE IT GOES!!!" Wow, what a gift and talent he had. I probably listened to him more in my youth than anyone on the radio. He made the whole thing seem so easy.

The show is tonight, grab your computer (or your radio) and tune in at 8pm cdt. 1120 am or here


karlene's mom said...

Listened to a couple of hours of the show last night. Very good. Kathy's Clown is one of my favorite songs.

Wes said...

Sometime back in maybe the winter of 82/83 after the Cards won that series, the Cardinal caravan came to Sedalia....with none other than Willie (yes they need to retire that number). Anyway, we were involved at the radio station in helping people with their heating bills. We were going to have a "radio" auction with donated items to raise money. Here he is a World Champion and I asked Willie if he would sign a dozen baseballs to be auctioned off...He, without hesitation and very shyly said yes and then know last year I could not even afford a baseball....then he gave me his Cardinal Cap that he was this day I have that hat and think he is a MAN of men.


yotonyb said...

Jack Buck's closing to the network broadcast has stuck with me long after I listened to my last Cardinal game. "Hope you enjoyed the game if not the outcome. Thanks for you time this time. 'Til next time, so long." Cherished vinyl in my collection includes those Cardinal highlight albums from the World Series years in the 1960's with Jack Buck and Harry Carey as the voices of the St. Louis Cardinals on KMOX.

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