Sunday, June 01, 2008

Top 100

In a futile attempt to record my top 100, I have been remiss in my duties, so in no particular order, I continue my charting of the albums that in my life, have reached the top 100.

There would be another Elvin Bishop recording in my top 100. I could not get enough of this guy in the mid 70's. This release reminds me of being married to my first wife, but that's not all bad.

For our honeymoon, we packed up the pick up truck with lots of music and took off to Ava, Branson and then one night at Busch Stadium to see the Cardinals play the Braves. This eight track is one that was played over and over again. One night, Elvin played the Quad Cities and I made sure that after I had put in ten hours at the plant, I got front row seats. This is joyful noise, A glorious sound of mostly happy and mostly drinking songs.

"Sunshine Special" is the one that kicks off the album and sets the tone.."and I can almost see my people, standing on a hillside, on that morning when I arrive..."

"Ground Hog" is a love song, I'll leave it at that.

"Honey Babe" is the best jam on the whole darn record, these guys cook on the last half of this one.

"Stealin Watermelons" is actually one I can relate to. ..."just like that little woman of mine, sweet and juicy and oh, so fine."

"Travellin Shoes" is his "Stairway" and not one for women. "I'm gonna get Hank Aaron's baseball bat and tenderize her head" Ouch. OK, then. Crippling guitar solo, though.

"Let It Flow" is more joyful noise..."bird's chirping in the tree, fish flowing through the sea, bees buzzin in the breeze, I got the music flowing all through me"

"Hey Good Lookin" is a 70s update on the old Hank song. A lyrical update about TV and weed, and, well..

"Fishin'" silly fishing song that I think is hilarious, talking about sending Charlie Daniels out for some corn liquor.

"Can't Go Back" and one of the truths I've learned in life.

"I Can't Hold Myself In Line" one of the best drinking songs ever

"Bourbon Street" in New Orleans, every night's like News Years eve

This may be the first time Mickey Thomas appeared on any record. Great back up band and a wonderful, special record that I still play regularly today, 34 years after it was released.

His daughter and her mother were murdered as a part of a bizarre plot. Link

Here's a very tasty video, not the greatest sound quality, but you get the idea..

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