Thursday, May 29, 2008

Damn It Anyway

I really wanted to hate this record. In fact, I boycotted this release for a long time. I got it for Christmas and I didn't listen to it until last week. Why? I just got tired of pissy Don Henley selling the band out to Wal Mart and his treatment of Don Felder (great book) and basically being a pompous asshole. A friend of mine who works at the Fox theatre said that of all the people that had ever played there, by far, the biggest jerk was Don Henley. You want radio to pay your royalties? Without the radio playing "Take It Easy", I would have never rushed out and bought your first album. I have always thought Glenn Frey was a smarmy, arrogant prick.
But, damn they made GREAT music together, along with the rest of the guys and I can say that The Eagles are one of the top three American bands of all time. This is an excellent piece of music. Very well played and sang and damn it, certainly better than "The Long Run" already. My only complaint is with the fact that it's a double album but, jeez, I don't know what songs you can leave off. I will say that Glenn and Don have rarely sounded better; the harmonies are outstanding and the playing on this record is Eagle quality. Tim and especially Joe sound together and playing well. I am sure there's a lot of filler on here, but I can't quite name them, yet. I really wanted to hate this, did I say that already? I will report back with my faves.

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Matt Wardlaw said...

I can help to point out the filler.

Timothy B. Schmit - GUILTY with I Don't Want to Hear Anymore.

Check this link for a humorous thought on how the song might have come to be..

Timothy B is guilty again with "Do Something."

I think both of the moments that I don't really care for on the album, were contributed by him, as referenced above.

Overall, I am with you - surprised, but I really like the album - particularly What Do I Do With My Heart, No More Cloudy Days, and You Are Not Alone pop out from the first the Walsh stuff, and most of the Henley stuff too.

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