Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Music

My favorite music has been the music that's been with me most of my life. I think it's that way with most people. Your life is bascially a soundtrack and each one of us has a different music score for our lives. I already know the songs I want played at my service and for the sake of full disclosure, one has been added recently. Favorite song memories that were formed in childhood and beyond corresponded with what you were doing and where you were more than the calendar itself. For me, it started with guys like Hank Williams, Eddy Arnold, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Perry Como, and then morphed to The Beatles, Stones, Moody Blues, Led Zeppelin, Who, Chicago, Mahavishnu Orchestra, yadda yadda. I know exactly where I was when I first heard Robin Trower or Queen, or the Alan Parsons Project. I have not kept up much on today's music, most of it has little appeal to me. After having raised an 18 year old daughter, who played the music loud every day (I wonder where she got that?), I must admit a couple of the things she listened to turned my head. One was Coldplay.

"A Rush of Blood to The Head" was the one that was played to death in this house. To me, it had a certain Pink Floyd feel, although sometimes Chris Martin is hard to take. Apparently, the new record has some reviewers pretty fired up.

Here's one from the London Sun.

Rolling Stone checks in

It's called "Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends". OK. Sounds interesting. I know that these guys are perfectionists about their music and apparently aren't fueled by booze and drugs (which almost makes me not trust them). I know the lead singer is Gwyneth Paltrow's old man (which wouldn't be a bad job, I guess), I like the song that I see in the iTunes video ( you mean advertising works? nah..) and so I am awaiting a new piece of music. How so very 2008 of me.

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karlene's mom said...

I can take or leave Coldplay, but the new ad from iTunes... yeah. I might have to download that song. Wow.

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