Monday, April 14, 2008

"...What A Drag It Is To Get Old..."

Evidence A
After over 30 years under the headphones, my hearing is shot. I have tinnitus pretty bad. There is a constant swarm of cicadas around my ears, but of course, there really isn't. I can't hear the coffee maker beep. It hasn't affected my job, I just turn the headphones up louder. Ask anyone who's been in the business in the long term...they can't hear. Certainly, I can hear the phone, the person on the other end of the phone, and can function quite well in the everyday normal world, but the cicadas keep singing till August, when they are for real, but who's to tell?
Evidence B
Of all my body parts, my teeth suck the most. My mom took some kind of thyroid medication when I was inutero and my teeth have paid the price. I still have them (most of them) but now, they are probably going to undergo some kind of highway 40 restoration project (inside joke in St. Louis). The front two are glued in and bonded together (that's another story) and it feels like that we have a problem. Let's hope for the best, but I am very uncomfortable in that chair. My guy knows that if I sit in the chair, I get the gas, and it had better be cranked up. On the dread meter, this is a ten.

Evidence C

After years of hoisting three point bombs on the unsuspecting, helpless, hapless foes of mine (and making a couple), my shoulder's out of whack. I had an MRI on it the other day and I am still awaiting results, but doggone it, this stinks. I think it's a rotator, but I also thought I was an orthopedic surgeon once, then mom woke me for school.

Other than that, clean bill of health. I am blessed.

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