Sunday, April 13, 2008

Route 66

Had a decent show after getting off to a rough start. It would be like a pitcher who gave up two runs in the first inning but settled down and delivered a win. I felt real good after a fellow employee called and told me how much he enjoyed the fabric of the show. I got a call from some guy in Cedar Rapids who couldn't believe I knew where he was. Hey, it's the second largest city in Iowa, right Jess? He was a fan of me at KSHE and wanted to hear The Doors. Not tonight but, how cool to be listening 250 miles away. What a trip to be responsible for 50,000 watts of holy light and a small part of countless lives, if only for 30 seconds or so, across two thirds of the US.
It was very very cool to play tunes by Buddy Holly, The Four Seasons, Bobby Darin and the like.
See ya next week.

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