Monday, April 14, 2008

Backstage Pass Number 16

I don't remember a thing from this show. I know that about two weeks before the show, I interviewed Paul Rodgers. He was very nice and we had a wonderful time talking about obscure Free songs. Three days before the show (ticket sales were not at expectations) I talk to Jimmy Page live on the air from his hotel room in Dallas. Jimmy f*(king Page. Halfway through the interview, he drops the phone and I can hear background noise, but no Jimmy. Apparently, he passed out or something while talking to me. The running joke for the next forty five minutes was me constantly checking back with Jimmy and him not being there, but hearing people talking and traffic noise in the background. After about 45 minutes, some cat picks up the phone and says hello. I introduce myself and he tells me that Jimmy's "out cold". 4:45 in the afternoon and Page is out. He had a show that night in Dallas. I hope he gave them the best show he could. Might not be saying much.

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