Thursday, December 06, 2007

Post 1,000

How unreal. 1000 posts and it's hard to believe how many people read this collection of crap and junk every day. My thanks to Steve Mays at Learfield (which seems so long ago) for setting this thing up and then having it sit for three months before I decided to start blogging. In many ways, this is a book of my life and the crap that I think about and have over the last 2 years and five months. 1,000 posts. Over two hundred people a day come on here. What the hell is wrong with you people? If you get any enjoyment, great. If I have maybe made you think, great. It's just junk. But it's my junk and apparently, it's your junk, too. Thank you. And here's to 1,000 more with great health and by the way, what's so funny about peace love and understanding?

You are all a bunch of knuckleheads and I love ya.


Brian Holland said...

In the words of Fred Sanford, "Junk is junk!" Congrats, dude, for batting a thousand!

Wes said...

Mr. have the pulse of the nation on this site!

karlene's mom said...

Of course I read this one to three times a week, what the *#?! else should I do? Grade papers? Prep for my lessons? Change my kid's diaper? Interact with my husband? Read War and Peace? Nah! Read Randy's BLOG! Boo-ya!

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