Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bad Finale to A Great Year

Mizzou got slapped, manhandled, hammered and mistreated. They were not a match for mighty Oklahoma as the Big 12 season ends with a clank. The Mizzou gameplan was almost as unwatchable as the dumb, stupid Dr. Pepper ad with the clown doing the touchdown dance to Karn Evil Number 9 by Emerson Lake and Palmer. I really, really hate that spot. But, Mizzou fans, let us look at it like this. At the beginning of the season,
if I told you that Mizzou would end up 10-2, ranked in the top ten of all national polls and would beat Illinois and Kansas in the same season, what would your response have been? I thought so. According the polls I have seen, MU will end up 6th or 7th in the polls and ahead of KU. Going to the Cotton Bowl is not the same as the BCS party, but, the future is now at Mizzou and finally the 35 year stink that has been on this football team has faded. Recruiting looks great. Daniel is a junior and Maclin a freshman with a whole lot of help coming in next year. It has been an exciting season and an overall great one for the black and orange. Now, if we can get the basketball team heading in the right direction, it could be an even better year.

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