Thursday, November 08, 2007

Damn It

I really wanted to hate this song, I really did, but doggone it, this is an excellent Eagles song.

I am still pissed about the WalMart thing, but it IS a great song. Damn it.

But, hold on, it gets better. It's NOT a new Eagles song, just re-worked. Presenting "How Long" circa 1972 with Randy Meisner on the vocals and Bernie Leadon on lead guitar.

Thanks wes.


Wes said...

I agree. Great song...classic Eagles. The Walmart thing is marginal in my mind. I don't like it, but the who business has changed. Still this is 30 years of music wrapped up into one song. I am hearing it all over XM.

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,

Do you know where Don Daniels is now?

I'man old friend and would like to drop him and email....


Anonymous said...
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Wes said...

You gotta watch this version of the Eagles doing the song in 72/73:


Dave Morris said...

It is a great song, love it also.

Can you believe Glen Frey turned 59 this week? He looks 10 years younger. How can a guy spend that much time on the road, living the life he's lived, and still look so young? That fortune has certainly evaded many artists.

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