Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More Top 100

We are one post away from having three Who albums in the mix.

But first a CD that grabbed me by the short hairs in about 1994

A 1991 release from David Wilcox. This was one of those CDs at the right time in the right place. Great songwriting, great songs. "Farther To Fall". ""(You Were) Going Somewhere" is another great one along with an ode to turning 30 "Top of The Roller Coaster" right behind. A song about your tenth high school reunion "Last Chance Waltz" that is bitter sweet. Gret stuff, this one for the collection. Another Raley top 100 album in my collection.

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Brian Holland said...

I loved Wilcox' "That Hypnotizing Boogie" from the mid-'80s, which I stumbled across on the radio during a road trip to Toronto, of all places. Sort of a cross between George Thorogood and Warren Zevon.

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