Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

There were a number of things I had planned to do today. I didn't do any of them, it's just friggin hot. I have never been as run down as I have been lately. I think it's due to the oppressive heat that has hit the region. I swear the AC hasn't cycled off in about three weeks. The only turning of the leaves here in St. Louis has been from green to brown. Everything is burnt, my rose bush, peonies, azailias and other plants have just parched. Hard to believe that it is almost mid October and the temperatures are still in the 90s. Not good.

There's something about a reunion of Ben Stiller and the Farrelly brothers that audiences didn't want to see. Stiller and the Farrellys' "The Heartbreak Kid" pulled in a modest $14 million during opening weekend, coming in at No. 2 behind "The Game Plan," which remained the top flick for the second-straight weekend with $16.3 million, according to studio estimates Sunday.
Paramount and DreamWorks had expected more from "The Heartbreak Kid," which reteamed Stiller with Peter and Bobby Farrelly. The trio collaborated on 1998's smash "There's Something About Mary." The studios had gotten positive reaction from audiences at advance screenings, but reviews for "The Heartbreak Kid" came in much harsher than expected, said DreamWorks spokesman Chip Sullivan. "We were surprised," Sullivan said. "The reviews hurt us. We love the movie. We've seen it play great. But I think reviews do matter on an R-rated movie."
An update of the 1972 comedy written by Neil Simon and directed by Elaine May, "The Heartbreak Kid" stars Stiller as a man who marries an incompatible bride, then meets the perfect woman on his honeymoon.
Here's an idea, quit making the same Ben Stiller movie over and over again. He plays the same character. Item number 2, anything that has Carlos Mencia is it, I will never see and how about...yes, STOP THE FUCKING REMAKES!!!

Adventurer ends 13-year human-powered world trip

Adventurer Jason Lewis on Saturday arrived in Greenwich, ending a 13-year round-the-world trip using only the power of the human body.
The 40-year-old completed the final leg of his 46,000-mile odyssey by pedalling his 7.9-metre boat Moksha up the River Thames.
Ending a journey that included capsizing in the Atlantic, breaking both legs, being chased by a crocodile and being arrested on suspicion of spying, Lewis then disembarked and carried Moksha across the Greenwich Meridian line at the Royal Observatory with the help of supporters.
Lewis set off from the same spot -- zero degrees longitude -- bound for Portugal in July 1994. The 16-leg journey included hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.
"I'm overwhelmed. It's pretty amazing," an emotional Lewis told reporters as he crossed the meridian. "Thirteen years coming to an end. It's been a big, long journey. It's good to be back."
Lewis has twice crossed the English Channel in Moksha as well as the north Atlantic, the Pacific and parts of the Indian Ocean. The boat capsized in the Atlantic.
In the United States, he suffered two broken legs when he was run over by a car while crossing the country on rollerblades. He was chased by a crocodile in Australia and was arrested in Egypt on suspicion of being a spy after illegally crossing the border from Sudan.
Now there is a great news story.


William R. Fink said...

Man, I am so glad you said " Ben Stiller movie over and over again." I could not agree with you more!

Brian Holland said...

I totally agree also on the Ben Stiller thing. I have similar feelings about Will Farrell--the Chevy Chase of today's generation.

Dave Morris said...

I agree about Farrell. "Stranger Than Fiction" was a refreshing break for him. Then he's back with "Blades of Glory." Oh well, he certainly has a niche.

William R. Fink said...

Great comment about Farrell being the Chevy Chase of today's generation. That is so true. I used to watch SNL, as if it was a religion. Today, it seems as if it is like MTV -- MTV used to play videos and SNL used to be funny.

Anymore SNL is like one big liberal political statement.

Yeah, this was slightly off topic.

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