Monday, October 08, 2007

Booing Kurt Warner

I was reading the paper this morning when it was noted that certain fans of the Rams booed Kurt Warner when he entered the game yesterday taking over for Matt Leinart and leading the Cardinals to a win over the Rams. Why on God's green Earth would anyone ever boo Kurt Warner? The guy gave his heart and soul to this city year after year only to be shown the door. He still has a residence here and still spends a lot of $$ and time for charity causes in the St. Louis area. With thugs in the NFL like Travis Henry, Pacman Jones, etc etc, the league would do well to start putting guys like Kurt Warner in their marketing campaigns. But, taht's not the image they are looking for. Shame on everyone who booed Kurt Warner, you were all drunk.


Kent Hall said...

Quite frankly, bottom line is they're booing him because he's good. Websters 1st definition of good. The word that's derived from GOD. They're booing him because he's a christian. Most will scoff at me for saying that, but that is the truth like it or not.

Dave Morris said...

I think they boo him because he is good and we lost him.

Wes said...

Here's the deal. I don't know about the booing, that is not what St. Louis fans are generally like. I know it happened. I don't understand it at all. I (we) have generally cheered when an opposing team makes a great play at Busch...but how soon we forget that this guy gave us and the NFL some of the best offensive football the game has ever seen. How weird....booing him was just wrong.

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