Sunday, September 16, 2007

This weekend

Every September in my little town of Kirkwood, the Greentree Festival is king. Here is a link the festival's website. It starts with a Friday night opening of all the booths that cram Kirkwood Park. The parade is on Saturday morning and it IS the place for all Kirkwooders to see and be seen. Yesterday, I manned the Kirkwood YMCA's booth as we were the only booth selling grilled corn. Believe me, with one of my very first jobs detassling corn (ugh, hot, nasty, dirty, work) I know how to get those tassles and husks pulled down in record time. I did 11-2pm and will go back today from 12-5:30. Being on the Board of Directors at the Y, I feel it's my job to pitch in.
Got great news from the doctor this weekend. Love that!
What the hell is up with the weather, anyway? 105 two weeks ago. 48 last night. This week 90.
My second favorite teacher in the world has infected another high school with her enthusiasm and love for the kids. When I went to make my every semester trip to Washington High School, Michelle Hoch gave me a copy of a DVD that chronicles what her kids are doing when it comes to reporting for their local "TV station". These kids are very very good. They also have that passion required to be successful. And 80% stems from the motivation provided by the teacher. Well, the idea has now been adapted by St. Louis Priory and the debut of "Rebel TV". The idea is in place, the logistics need to be worked out. Congrats, Michelle, you are the teacher I have always wanted to be. You rock! You continue to have an influence on all you touch in some way. See ya next semester.

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karlene's mom said...

Ahhhh, Randy! You're my hero! Seriously, ROUGH WEEK - your comments I just read made my week/day! :-)
Rebel TV! Sounds great. Let me know if they need any help... I am around!

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