Saturday, September 22, 2007

stuff from saturday

having breakfast on my back porch, looking over the neighborhood on this beautiful saturday has inspired me to write stuff...oh, how lucky you are.....

this guy is john anderson, he ran for president in 1980. i think he was one of the smartest guys to ever run, which, of course, precluded him from winning the nomination. his idea at the time was to raise the gasoline tax by fifty cents a gallon and all of that money would have been set aside to reasearch alternative fuels. he decared we would be energy independent by 1990. that was 17 years ago. i wonder how that would have turned out. he would have never been elected because the companies that depend on us sucking oil out of the ground in the middle east would never have allowed it. i just wonder....

'goin downtown, gonna see my girl, gonna sing her a song, gonna show her my'....' taste of st. louis' is this weekend, and i am heading down town, hey i even have free parking. definately going to catch the radiators at 7 pm and then try to stick around to catch big head todd and the monsters at ten. i love the radiators and think big head todd were very much overlooked in the nineties. yeah, i may actually eat and drink something.

this weekend is the weekend i attempt to transfer a number of theold vhs tapes i have to dvd. tapes of my band, emily at one day old, paul playing in the snow with our new puppy who died a couple of years ago at the great old age of 14. very important stuff that i am afraid will start to disappear soon. wish me luck

we close with another great old gas station.....

this reminds me of what might have appeared on the old route 66. speaking of which, there is news coming concerning that. oh wait, what the heck, while i am feeling nostalgic, let's visit an ad from yesteryear

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