Monday, September 17, 2007

Links (and lots of 'em)

The eight manliest musicals ever made

The best cleavage in music...sorry but hey, I'm just a guy

The 50 Hottest Women in Music

The Top 25 Bands That Should Re-unite

The Top 40 Nerdiest Real Names of Famous Musicians

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William R. Fink said...


This gal might have the best cleavage in the music industry. Her name is, and this is for real, Yellow Thunder Woman; and she is with a group call “Bastard Fairies.” I have a link to their latest video on my blog site. Another interesting aspect of this group is their distribution channel, which is the Internet. Groups like these are more of a threat to the recording industry than are MP3 downloaders – but the RIAA will never understand that.

Well, enjoy the video and tell me she doesn’t have the best cleavage!

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