Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rules For The Rich

Uhh, you know, I have been there. Waking up in a parking lot in Denver and not knowing how I got where I did or what time...or how...or who, well, you get the idea. All I know is that it was about 8 oclock in the morning and I had no idea where I was, had no clue how to get back and I sure didn't want to think about it. Never been busted for DWI (got close once), cocaine, any of that stuff, but you know, if I did, shit would hit the fan. I would be so locked up that my head would spin with the expediency. Lindsay Lohan was arrested for not one, but two DWI's. They found coke in her car that was wrecked because she was going the wrong way. What do you think would happen to your old buddy Randy? Thought so. This truly is the best country $$ can buy. God bless her, she used her celebrity to get over like a rat. And so it goes...

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Wes said...

I know that I have been taught not to hate, but I am human and I hate these evil wenches. I have a daughter who is almost 8....God please don't let her turn out like these so call women. Sorry. Oh and this is strange, as I was finishing this Freddy Fender came on my Ipod....Wasted Days, Wasted Nights...really.

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