Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Are You Sirius?

This is just about the only thing I have that proves Ann and I were at Abbey Road studios in January of 1994.
An incredulous serendipity that never happened. Picture wise.
After introductions, Alan was indeed impressed I was from KSHE as he knew KSHE was one of the very first stations to play his music in America.
I have pictures of him, Ann and I standing under the Abbey Road sign at the front door. Pictures of Alan, myself and Ann having tea later in the day.
Damn. I can't find them.
Sure, I can find pictures of me 60 year ago that mean nothing but I can't find ANY of these.
Alan, Ann and I got along fabulously.

Nine months later, Alan is touring America and stops in St. Louis.
He leaves a message and I call him back.

We have dinner later and he proceeds to tell me we were not alone at Abbey Road.
Apparently, in the penthouse studio after we leave to go downstairs, on that particular Saturday morning, George, Paul and Ringo were putting the final touches on the "Anthology" project.


"It would have funny as hell if you would have seen one of them in the loo."
"Yes, Alan, I would have pissed all over myself."
"Couldn't tell you about it then, mate. Sorry."

Yeah, the three surviving Beatles in one place and apparently, so was I.

And I have no pictures of any of it.

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