Friday, November 27, 2009

Randy's Top 100

Hi, I'm back and let's continue the countdown...checking in somewhere in the 20-25 on the top 100 would be this treat from the summer of 1975.

Here is one that changed the way I looked at music. I first heard "Becuase We've Ended As Lovers" during a visit to a head shop in the spring. It was love at first sight. The crying guitar provided by Jeff was just stunning. It was one of the most powerful instrumentals ever. It still is.

The young woman (Tal Wikenfield) kicks my ass...

That song alone would put this in the top 100, but there was so much more great music on the record and not ONE vocal. Songs from Lennon-McCartney ("She's A Woman"), Stevie Wonder ("Cause We've Ended As Lovers", "Thelonius") and Bernie Holland (the incredible "Diamond Dust") and Beck's own stuff ("Scatterbrain, "You Know What I Mean"). The record reminds me of living in a little bitty house along the Mississippi during a summer when I didn't have air conditioning, driving my little Honda 350 motorcycle and trying to get through a very unhappy marriage. This is one release that helped me survive. It's stayed close to my playlist for the next 34 years. Something to be said for great music.


Freeway Jam

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