Monday, November 30, 2009

New Facebook Friend

Yeah, I know this Facebook thing is
a)for weirdos
b)an extreme waste of time
c)maybe not for you or
d)all of the above.

I have entered into a conversation with a guy who I have admired for many years. Andy Fraser was the bass player for Free and his basic, big badass bass was perfect for what they did. The back beat on "Mr. Big" was worth the price of admission alone. He co wrote and produced "All Right Now' which I have played a couple of thousand times on the radio and never tired of it. After leaving Free, Andy formed Sharks and again, I really liked his work. The crux of the biscuit however is that Andy wrote "Every Kinda People" for Robert Palmer. "Every Kinda People" rates as one of my top five all time recordings and sums up how I feel and has since the first time I heard in the summer of 1978.
"There is no profit in deceit, an honest man knows that revenge does not taste sweet"
Man, that's it, right there. Powerful lyrics that have enriched my life and moved my soul. THAT'S what music is all about.

Here is Andy's latest project:
Thanks Randy ~
Check out my latest project. I’ve contributed the song ~ This Is The Big One ~ as a worldwide copyright free download. I’m asking fellow activists to upload videos or pictures to the song, post on to win prizes.

Come on and Make A Difference ~ Andy

And now, here is some of that filthy bass I told you about...

And now, Mr. Palmer

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Matt said...

I really like the new stuff, lyrically and musically - nice groove. Good to hear from Paul and Robert - their talents amaze me. Amen to the EKP lyrics!

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