Thursday, April 23, 2009

Workin For The Weekend

I saw a story on the local news here tonight where they reported the average family credit card debt is $11,000. Can that be right? Since I have none, that means that means that someone has racked up $22,000 on their card. How can you do that? $2,200? I could see that. No wonder this country is so screwed up right now. My parents are spinning. We NEVER bought anything on credit. Ever.

The trailer for "Star Trek" looks great. From what I have seen and heard, that may have the first blockbuster of the summer. Talk about being kid again. I was ten when it came on TV. Living in Ava, there was only station we got from Springfield very well. KY 3 played "Star Trek" then wrestling at 10:30 on Saturday night. At 12:30am, it was time for bed. Damn, I wish I could stay up that late now.
I found a cool walking trail behind the place that is just about a mile long. Perfect. Since I hurt my ankle, I haven't been getting nearly as much exercise as I should . Getting rotund. This will help me chart my progress. Playing bball once a week won't cut it. I am going to have to run although it harkens me back to bball practice as running was used as punishment. It is still punishment.

On ESPN tonight when I got home from work (6:15), there was a video game competition on one of their channels (?)and a "This Is Your Life" with John Elway called "Homecoming" on the other. I guess when you have to fill 24/7 with sports, you get the dregs every now and then. Speaking of sports, thanks Tony Gonzalez, too bad you never won a ring. Never got close really. You may be a Falcon now, but you'll always be a Chief to me. Class, style and grace, you had the whole package. Like Derrick Thomas, one of the best players ever not to even get close.
Ipod jukebox:
"Roundabout"-Yes (Bill Bruford's masterpiece)
"Shambala"-3 Dog Night
"Another Record"-Genesis
"Love Is Here"-Jim Messina
"Mistress of Mine"-Little River Band
"Madman"-The Jayhawks
"Missing Train"-Richie Havens
"Mighty Love (pt. 1)-Spinners
"Monkey Man"-Rolling Stones
"Indian Summer"-Poco
"May Be Wrong"-Savoy Brown
"Roundabout"(rough mix)-Yes....nice, full circle.

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