Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coronas and Miss California and More

Hey Jesse,
I love you. Please, though. I am not old enough to have three grandkids. Stop. Three darling, beautiful girls. All born with three weeks of the another on the calendar, right? I am really happy for you. And me. And Aspen. And Amelia.
I am not much of a beer guy. Give me tequila or rum anyday. I do think that the best tasting beer bar none is Corona. Could it be the water, brewing process or "something else?". I am enjoying an "iced" one while typing. Nectar of the Gods.
So, Miss California tells the truth about how she feels and "Perez Hilton" is offended. One question...who is Perez Hilton and why does anyone give a shit about what he thinks? I had to Google this clown to find out he has some website where he draws pictures on photos of the stars. Shut up. This is a free society with free speech. You are going to be offended at some point in your life. Develop a thick skin. Grow up. You won't always win the race. Everyone will not always agree with you. You will not always agree with everyone. She is who she is and she has guts for standing up for what she believes. Whether you or I agree with her is irrelevant. It's her opinion. It's a free country. Perez Hilton is not someone I would even consider to be mildly important. Now she's famous.
Albert Pujols may go down as the best player I have ever seen. He's approaching Brett and Gibson. I never saw Stan Musial, he was my mom and grandfather's favorite, they were Cardinals fans from the forties.
Ipod Jukebox:

"Give It To Me"-J. Geils Band
"Just As If You Were Here"-Frank Sinatra (shaddapp!)
"Eventually"-Carole King
"Smile Away"-Paul McCartney
"Shock The Monkey"-Peter Gabriel
"Rocket Man"-Elton John
"Angel From Montgomery"-Bonnie Raitt (this has been top ten on my list since 1978)
"The Letter"-Joe Cocker
"So Unkind"-Love Sculpture


Chicago Socialista said...

I say good for Carrie. Seriously, it would have been so easy to say whatever just to win. She wasn't willing to win at any cost.

I disagree with her completely, but good for her to say onstage in front of everyone what she believes. I don't want her representing the USA in the Miss Universe pageant, because she doesn't represent my views, but she has the right to say what her truth is. At least we know where she stands. I want those who are willing to deny civil rights to others to be identified so I can beware and avoid them.

Jessie said...

I think Miss Cali is an idiot. I think Perez had a just as much of a right to be offended as she did to say what she thinks. He was a JUDGE for god sake. She had really poor delivery, to boot.

I'm glad she lost. lol

And yes, three kids is my limit. I'm about 98% positive that this one will be my last. That's better than last time when I was about 98% sure Amelia wouldn't be.

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