Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesday Night Stuff

They are remaking "Bonnie and Clyde", not surprising since Hollywood is bereft of ideas. They are casting Hillary Duff in the Faye Dunaway role. Faye was quoted as saying "Couldn't they get a real actress?" Hillary "fought" back with..."none of my fans know who she is". That's because none of you fans would know an actress if she bit them in the butt. I think I am going to be sick. Hillary Duff? Ick.

Raleyisms... a watched phone never rings. January and February are just months to get us to March.

Hey Christain Bale, you been hanging with Chris Berman again?

This is cute but definately NSFW


Anonymous said...

Hillary Duff as "Bonnie". WTF!!! But I can go one better - how about Jessica Simpson?

Anonymous said...

Randy....this is a blast from your past. Been trying to find moons! We go back approx 15 yrs, from stl. I was known to you by saying...shhhuuuttt uuupppp. Peace!

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