Sunday, February 01, 2009

Kiss of Death for Kurt

I find it hard to "root" for anyone in college or professional sports anymore because they have become nothing but promotional and marketing machines. Professional sports more so than college where every tackle is then followed by preening and prancing around, trying to make your opponent feel bad. The lack of sportsmanship is only equalled by the "officials" lack of having any control of any game. Woof, woof, trash talking is the rule instead of the exception. One guy stands out from them all...Kurt Warner. Kurt is by all accounts, a great father, a great Christian and a guy who handles himself with great humility. I read in the paper this morning everytime his family goes out to a restaurant, somebody from the family picks someone else in the restaurant and the Warner family buys their meal anonymously. Yesterday, I guess it was a table of 20 Steeler fans that got their meal gratis. Brenda Warner used to live on food stamps. She thought it was weird getting their meals comped when recognized by an owner. "We are rich, why don't owners take care of those people who need it most?" So, whether it's an old couple or someone who looks like they are down on their luck, the Warner's will see to it they get a good meal, free and anonymously. So, in less than 90 minutes, I'll be rooting for Kurt to win another Super Bowl. If he doesn't, he'll probably blame himself. If he does, he'll give the credit to the team. Since I am rooting for Kurt, place your bets on the Steelers. I seem to be good like that.
See, I told ya. Nice job, Kurt, you played your guts out.

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