Monday, May 05, 2008

Week 3

I am healing at a snail's pace. I am not a good patient because I don't have much patience. I am slowly but surely getting the right arm more involved. The left arm is not happy to be the understudy for the right, but alas, it's hanging in there too, knowing it's taking one for the team.

It's a beautiful day here in St. Louis and reason number one why May is my favorite month. The lilacs are blooming which always reminds me of my mom.

Another earthquake, this time right down the street. A 2.5..but something's rumbling...

It's a bitch not to work. I couldn't handle having nothing to do. I had my daughters boyfriend shovel up a place for my giant tomato trees and I am out slowly (with my left arm) breaking up the dirt clods and getting rid of the grass. I couldn't stand it that someone else mowed my yard. I am just weird about it. "Challenging yard" was his only response when it was over. You bet it is.

The Raley double feature this afternoon will be a high school tribute:

"Jeremiah Johnson"- one of my personl guilty pleasures over the last three decades. I thought Rebert Redford was as cool as could be in this. I have always been afflicted with wanderlust and this movie is a real good one to fulfill that need if only for a couple of hours. Even after seeing this while working at the drive in 17 times or so, still one of my faves.

"Harold and Maude"- Hysterical movie but one I could relate to. The premise is a bit creepy that a woman in her sixties and a guy in his teens could fall in love but as my dad once said.."you can't help who you fall in love with". Maybe the first time I heard Cat Stevens. Reminds me of high school.

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