Monday, September 01, 2008

Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine....

The homily at church yesterday was about carrying crosses to bear through life. How some have giant, heavy ones and others have light ones. I have carried heavy crosses, I know what they feel like, I've been there when I feel beaten down, old and tired of the weight. Thank God my crosses are lighter now, a little less stress on the shoulders and the heart. I can't say I have everything I want, but I do have most things I need. There by the grace of God go I...

The long lasting feel I get from Bruce Springsteen's "Magic" is that it's his tribute to Roy Orbison. Don't know why but he seems to conjure Roy's spirit and tone on the release. Maybe it's just me making up stuff.

Labor Day 2008. Not sure what happened to the worker's rights in this country but I just read a story in the St. Louis newspaper about Western Union closing the St. Louis office and shipping those jobs overseas. So, where is anyone going to work in this country if all the jobs are gone? Does ANYONE care? Obama SAYS he does, but we'll see.

With that note, I am not sure what to make of a guy who's 72 years old, running for president and picking someone with very little experience to be his running mate. I know all the right wingers are saying, "well he just scored with the women in the country who are disillusioned with Obamas' treatment of Hillary". I think once Hillary's supporters get wind of her political stance, they won't want to jump on that bandwagon. She's about as right wing as it gets.

Tha Cardinals are DONE. Toast. It all boils down to standing pat during the trade deadline. The Cubs get a quality starting pitcher. The Brewers get a quality starting pitcher and the Cardinals get...I'm not sure. Too bad, they could have has a nice run in them. Oh well, gives me a chance to go work out every night instead of watching these guys. It's the Scott Spiezio effect.

The Mizzou/Illini game was fun. IF Mizzou wants a shot at the National title, it had better fix the secordary. Wait till the quarterbacks from the state of Texas get ahold of that defense, they'll run up 500 yards on them. There's enough time to fix it.

Laboring very hard not to labor, that's me.

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