Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Top 100 Pick

Another John Denver wanna be? Maybe. Although, there were times when I dug the hell out of John Denver. This was on my stereo when it needed to be. I had just got out of a precarious situation in a place and a time far way. I was looking for a break in my personal and musical life. This came across to me as just plain sweet. I loved "Wildfire", maybe because I had horses once and knew how attached you could get to them . "Carolina In The Pines" remains as one of my all time favorite songs, ranking in the top 25 no matter when I make the list. "Desert Rat" reminded me of my grandfather, ..."success is survival and you toughed it out, yes, we'll all tough it out". Nothing appeals to me more than a well played Hammond B3 or a well played banjo. "Wild Bird" does the trick for me. Bob Johnston's production pulled this higher than any John Denver release and I must say this LP had a lot to do with me accepting a job in Denver. I had to be where these songs talked about. "Blue Sky Riding Song" is a song that reminds me of cold weather for some reason. "Medicine Man" is my third favorite MM song. Great stuff. "Secret Mountain Hide Out"..."that's where I want to stay." Still dreaming about it. "Without My Lady There" could be a Dan Fogelberg song, again, transporting me away to about 10,000 feet with a fire a bottle of wine, and my lady there. "Night Thunder".."love me like thunder". "Rings of Fire" is Michael stripped. A great way to end a great album. Pretentious? Maybe. I still dig this release after all these years, it's like an old friend. I believe this was a Columbia House purchase. Sounded great tonight on this Labor Day weekend as we head to fall, then winter. He's the perfect companion for a cold winter's night and a blazing fire. Although at the time, the critics were a bit less kind than me.

Blue Sky - Night Thunder Michael Murphey
Released: January 1975
Chart Peak: #18
Weeks Charted: 38
Certified Gold: 11/17/75
Reviews from the day..."I must admit that Murphey's melodies don't really do anything for me although they are pleasant. His lyrics are just over the line of pretension, except when he's being cosmic, when they are plain embarrassing. What makes Blue Sky - Night Thunder listenable at all is the picking and the production, both of which are excellent. All that's lacking is good, solid content.
- Ed Ward, Rolling Stone, 7/31/75.
Bonus Reviews!
Murphey has been lumped in a number of categories, including progressive country, Texas rock, country/rock and other areas. Basically, the man is simply a fine singer/songwriter with a soothing voice and a penchant for singing acoustic oriented tunes that deal with the people and things of the outdoors. Most of the songs do have an acoustic sound, and country stations should play certain cuts. Expect biggest action to come from FM, however. Highlight is "Goodbye Old Desert Rat," which characterizes perfectly the feeling of any younger person who has had the joy of knowing and talking to a wiser, older person. Like Dan Fogelberg, who is hitting big now, an easy to listen to artist who has a lot to say. Best cuts: "Carolina In The Pines," "Goodbye Old Desert Rat," "Blue Sky Riding Song," "Without My Lady There," "Rings Of Life."
- Billboard, 1975.

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