Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Morning (barely)

I'm finally furnishing the new place with what I like to call "craigslist decor". I got a kitchen table and a dresser last week, this week it's end tables, next week, love seat. My place still has no soul, but maybe in a month or so, it won't feel that I am in someone else's crib.
My expedition with Comcast cable is really starting to piss me off. First, they didn't tell me that I needed a different HD box to get the HD channels, so I go exchange it at the office and have to wait 15 minutes. I come home after work and dial the number to activate it and was immediately put on hold for 37 (!!) minutes. Even after talking to the tech, she says that she has sent signal after signal, but it doesn't work. Great! So, I have to wait till 10am one morning for the tech to get there, but in his big truck of tech, he has NO HD box on the truck!! What? "Well, they didn't tell us the problem, just that there was a problem". So, for the second time, I have to take the box back to the store. I decide on Friday to take my lunch hour at go to the cable place. The line stretches out the door. Shit. So, now I ahve a box that doesn't work and no time to fix it. They have one strike left. If I don't get satisfaction on the next try, they are OUT! I'll get a dish or something.
The new job is full of challenges and I am completely maxed for time. That's exactly what I wanted and needed. The programming and engineering guys work their asses off to make sure the stations sound great. My PDs remind me of me many years ago, full of ideas and big plans. I'd much rather reel them in than have to push them. I am training my sales staff with as much stuff as they can handle. Let's return to the things that are fundamentally sound and rudimentary solid. Yes, I am actually training my sales staff, something that is rare in our business. When I started, I was given the phone book and told to "start dialing"...thanks! In six months, I expect to have a staff of GREAT sellers, not just good ones. If doesn't happen, it won't be for lack of effort.
Yesterday, for the first time in twenty years, I had a conversation with one of my favorite people from the past. "Congratulations", she said, "we made it". Wow, we did, huh? With all of the bad juju, the distractions, the drugs, the crises, the deaths of loved ones, the chaos that once marked our lives, we somehow have appeared on the other side. The roller coaster ride didn't kill me, it made me stronger. God tested me (he still does) and I didn't falter. Not when he took my parents away, my older brother (who I adored), my friends, my loves, my money, my house, my health, nothing. I didn't waiver in my faith and I feel I have been rewarded with health, wealth, happy, healthy kids and relationships that get better every day. Yeah, I made it. We made it. We waded into the swamp until we started to wade OUT. I am still walking, still wading.
I saw Eagles tickets for sale and their face value was $187.50. That's without the service charges and other fees. I couldn't be more unimpressed. I hope Don Henley and Glenn Frey choke on their own money. It's hard for me to believe that these are the same guys that I used to adore. Lately, if the Eagles were playing for free in my neighbor's back yard, I'd go next door and tell them to turn it down because I'm watching reruns of "Happy Days". Kinda sums up my feelings, huh?

In the words of Oat Willie(the most thoughtful guy in the world)....onward through the fog....

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