Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Night of "Magic"

Tonight's the big night, the one I have waited for months to get now here. Nothing transports me away into time and space than Bruce and his band. I guess you have to "be there" to get it as many of my co-workers/friends don't understand it. Tonight in St. Louis, tomorrow in KC and then the long overnight drive back to Bloomington in the wee hours of Monday morning. Bruce is more of a concert, it's an evangelical experience. Very few people have gotten to my psyche than he has. From the first time I heard "Fourth of July/Sandy" and then heard the majestic, exuberant, muti orgasmic "Born to Run" on KSHE 33 years ago, it was over. Over, I say! Then I discovered "Thunder Road","Tenth Avenue Freeze Out","Rosalita" and the rest. He makes me cry, he makes me think, he makes me happy, he makes me sad. There is nothing like a soaring big man solo to prop up any funk, anytime. The big man can't stand throughout the whole show anymore and the sweet Hammond B3 of Danny Federici is forever silenced, but there is a certain optimism in his music even during the "The Rising". When it's all sorted out, there were be two American songwriters who have defined our generation...Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. "Take me home, take me home...Thunder Road!".

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