Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another One Hit Wonder

I rode the bike for about 8 miles tonight and of course had the old Ipod on. There were, for some reason a number of songs from 1971 in a row. This was one of them.

This immediately sends me to jazz band where I played this a thousand times and each time it was followed with the words.."again people".

Here's the story of Bill Chase and his band.

Here's a rare video of the them live in 1974, right before the crash...


Wes said...

I remember seeing Chase perform this on the Tonight Show....GREAT! It's on my Ipod as well.

Brian Holland said...

I used to sneak this one on the air at KKJO in St. Joe every once in a while, even though it wasn't on our playlist. What the hey at 3:30 in the morning, eh? I figure those screaming trumpets woke up more than a couple St. Josephians!

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