Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Junk

This is not the map of the Seoul subway system. It is a view of what's right under my back yard. Created by the moles, voles, and whatever else is there, they have even set up their own hot dog stand and movie theatre. I hate killing anything really, but my back yard looks bad enough from all the rain, NOW I have to worry about falling in the cracks. Pest control to the rescue and I really hate to say that. But, it's them or me.
Hey, A-Rod, are you nuts? Do you realize what an idiot you look like? Are you and Elliot Spitzer hangin together? You bust up two marriages to have your go around with someone who stopped being relevant in 1990? Your wife's a beauty and you just had a kid? Wha? So, your wife goes and does Lenny Kravitz. According to the papers, your wife can take half of what you made while married to her. Wow, you're an idiot.

Getting pumped about the big move. Have lots of ideas, as Jerry Reed once said ..."we got a long way to go and a short time to get there..". Heading to Chicago for two nights with Gladys. Ought to be fun, back to St. Louis on Friday, then one last week at the mighty MOX. It'll happen fast.

What a great baseball game today. On the Saturday of the July 4th weekend, the Cardinals score three in the bottom of the ninth and beat the Cubs. Poetic. The best two teams in the National League play for the rubber game today. How cool


karlene's mom said...

I was at that game on Sat. What a thrill!
..."Watch old Bandit run!"

Anonymous said...

I listened to Route 66 for the first time on Saturday night...while driving down Route 12 from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin through the Chain O'Lakes and back to Chicago. Top down on the convertible listening to a truly exceptional radio program. EXCELLENT show, and representative of what I would expect from the landmark clear channel AM stations around the country. You'll be missed in St. Louis but a great asset to Bloomington. Good luck and good skill! tony b.

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