Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Things Come In Small Packages

My shipment from MoFi (The Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs) arrived today.
There were two discs in the package.

I've been waiting for Roy Orbison's golden instrument to be available through the folks at the sound lab. Roy may have been the purest singer ever. When Bruce Springsteen puts your name in a song as powerful as "Thunder Road" ( the radio plays Roy Orbison singing for the lonely, Hey that's me and I want you only) you belong in the category of legendary. Roy is one of the absolute greats. From "For The Lonely" to "Working For The Man" it does not get any better than this.I think this was the release that solidified their place on rock radio. I know I played the shit out of "Spirit of the Radio", "Freewill" and "Entre Nous" at KY 102. The thinking man's nerd rock band. They became stars with this release which only lead to further greatness...(Moving Pictures, Signals, Power Windows...). A very fine effort from a band I've been listening to since 1974.

Here's the website for the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab and what they do.

As far as how my top 100 would rate these...Roy is disqualified because greatest hits packages don't count, but if they did...Rush would rank just out of the top 100, with better releases from them (in my opinion) pushing "Permanent Waves" out.

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Matt said...

Alex had such a sound on "The Spirit of Radio," I bet it sounds awesome on the MFSL disc, and Natural Science is still one of my faves...they played it again this year...still as good as it sounded 28 years ago!

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