Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yes, I know I've been tardy. It's been hard work firing all the Cub fans. Actually, as a manager in radio, I found it easy to fire every one of my staff. See, here's the deal, if I want it to sound the way I truly want it, I'll damn straight do it myself. So, now I'm doing the live show in the morning on the news station, then doing middays on the classic rock station and then (damn, I'm good), I do afternoon drive on the country station. Staff? Who needs staff? No overhead (I pay myself very well) and I'm so good, I can sound like a woman, so, I'm in. Sales? What? Sorry, no time..I have to fire all of them, too.
It's all good.

I think I may have found the apartment that I was looking for BEFORE I moved here. Cool spot downtown where someone's dad lived while he was working at State Farm in the fifties. It's recently rehabbed above a business and part of a very hip building


karlene's mom said...

Can I listen to you online?

Chicago Socialista said...

Need weekenders on the classic rock station?

Bonnie 8^)

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