Thursday, February 07, 2008

I Live in Kirkwood MO

It's a town of about 27,000 that lies about 12 miles southwest of St. Louis. It really is a small town tucked inside a big city. Everyone knows everyone here. I know everyone here. I have refused to leave this town/city permanently for a reason. It is what America used to be.

I can't believe it. I won't. My heart is broken. I know those people. All of them.

Two policemen, three city council members and maybe the mayor.

5 dead in Kirkwood.

Please say it isn't so.

What's happening to us?


Wes said...


My niece teaches in Kirkwood, what a shame. As a government attorney I have had my share of nut-cases call me, show up at out office and I have had to deal with the FBI and Secret service over these is scary as hell sometimes. You always look over your shoulder. I am sorry for your community.

On another note, and I am embarrassed I don't know her name, but Channel 4 should be ashamed at their coverage and interview of the killer's brother, airing his comments and the reported all but justifying the killer's actions. They should be ashamed....truly ashamed.


Beth said...

I am truly sorry for your losses and for everyone in Kirkwood.............

Brian Holland said...

Sad story, indeed, and so utterly senseless. My condolences to one and all...

Sarah said...

I came across your blog from your daughter Jessica (I know her from an online message board). I worked for the KWD Police Department for several years, it sickens me to think that this has happened. I'm still in shock as I am sure you are too. These were all wonderful people. I hope you made it to the vigil last night, it was beautiful.

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