Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (again)

How disheartening and typical:

Here are your entries into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the class of 2008.

John Mellencamp-Leonard Cohen-The Dave Clark Five-Madonna-The Ventures

1. John Mellencamp-I have no problem with this, although I believe there are better choices

2. Leonard Cohen-really, what east coast effite snob picked this guy? He is nothing outside of New York

3. The Dave Clark five-they had five songs that made the top ten in the charts. five.

4. Madonna-then it's no longer the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, then is it?

5. The Ventures-two songs that made the top ten. two.

Meanwhile, on the outside looking in are The Moody Blues, The Doobie Brothers, Three Dog Night, Roxy Music and Chicago who wait for their chance. Meh.


Brian Holland said...

I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about Rock history, but I don't have a clue who this Leonard Cohen is. I've even read about him on the 'net, and I still don't have a clue why he is considered important, and I bet he couldn't carry a tune with a handle! As for Mellencamp, my dislike for him is pretty legendary, and with so many other worthy bands out there not even being CONSIDERED for induction, I find his election to be pretty ignominious...

I'm done with the RNRHOF after this anyway. I've given up arguing about who should be in the Hall because it's about as pointless as waving at Stevie Wonder. Great museum in Cleveland, but the shrine itself is an abomination...

Matt said...

I know I'd rather hear someone else sing Leonard's songs, but he is a pretty good writer. "Hallelujah," covered by John Cale, and even more remarkably, by the late Jeff Buckley, would earn the nod from me. If you haven't heard Jeff Buckley's version, his only non-posthumous album,"Grace," is a must listen...definite top 10 (IMHO-sidebar)

Dave Morris said...

What a lame lineup.

RIC said...

I would have to totally agree with every artist you mentioned 'waiting their turn'. I was (confused) at best when I toured the R&R Hall of Fame. One minute I was looking at an Organ used for a Led Zepplin tour, or the high school yearbooks of Joey Ramone and then standing in front of me is an outfit worn by Snoop Dogg at the Grammies....Pardon? Also - I know you may not be a fan...but I will contiue to raise this flag....Why no Alice Cooper?? Have a happy holidays - Ric Howard

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