Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

Man, I am in sad shape today. On Thursday and Friday, I played basketball full out, as fast as I could go. Today, my shoulder hurts and on Friday, I had someone roll up on my leg, twisting my knee and knocking me on my ass. So, I have a deep hip bruise and another shoulder that I need to watch. The moral? There is none, I'll be back in the gym on Monday night. I can't help it, I'm addicted.

This could be a disaster tonight, although I really hope not. 77,000 screaming, out of their mind football fans will descend upon Arrowhead stadium rooting for either Kansas or Missouri. These two schools really don't like each other. There will be alcohol served and the students have all been integrated with each other instead of having their own sections. Football, college students, rivalry, alcohol....this could get ugly. I am hoping cooler heads previal. this will be the biggest game in the history of the two schools; KU is 11-0 but really hasn't played the level of competition Mizzou has. Mizzou has the propensity to choke in the big ones. I will be front and center in front of the bigscreen (which, by today's standards isn't really that big) and I will be hoping that all the excitement will be on the field, not in the stands.

My prediction...Mizzou 42 KU 28. So, I have just jinxed them by rooting for them. Place your bets on KU.

College sports, ya gotta love it.


karlene's mom said...

When Mizzou wins... you'll never hear the Jayhawks cry? Why? Jayhawks aren't REAL! They are FICTIONAL!
Tigers = real.
Jayhawks = totally made up.

dr sardonicus said...

I'm a bit younger than you are, and I haven't attempted to play full-court basketball in 20 years. God bless ya.

Since I've been away from St.Louis for some time now, I'm not as partial to Mizzou as I used to be. I'm just hoping to see a good game, that the winner takes care of business in the Big 12 Championship and goes on to the national title game.

Brian Holland said...

Well, my friend--do you believe in miracles? YEE-ESSSS!!

You were damn close on your prediction too--you got the KU part right anyway! Hell, MU won twice tonight--they beat KU and the friggin' referees! The officiating tonight was a travesty.

Oh well, on to San Antone!

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