Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hard To Believe, Ain't It Mizzou Fans?

It's an interesting time to be in St. Louis. The Blues have a chance to put together a fine season. Effort is the biggest trait that will get you a great base of fans around here. I see the effort this year with the St. Louis Blues. They are hanging with and beating the big boys this year. That's good. Scottrade will be loud and full this winter, although I miss the good old sweaty Arena about this time of year. The Billikens are on the rebound (so to speak, ya know I kill me), Rick Majerus has one of the best recruiting classes coming in next year. There's Wash U basketball (number one division III), that will highlight the winter. SIU, etc etc. But the stories of the year around here concern the Illini (awesome year, beat number one and will go to a major bowl) and the hard to fathom Missouri Tigers. Just think of this Mizzou fans, three games...three games hold the key to the national championship.
1) Beat KU

2)beat the south champ

3) play for the championship

That's it. Three games and the national championship will reside 90 miles from St. Louis. Wow!

I saw this kid play in high school. Jeremy Maclin went to school with my daughter. As a sophomore, he put a move on a kid that made me stand up and notice. He ran as fast as he could for twenty yards, stopped and took off again. The other kid had no chance. I saw him do that again and again and now, this kid from Kirkwood is ready to play on a national stage as a frigging freshman. This is what sports is all about. MU vs. KU at Arrowhead in front of 77,000 people. This will be the biggest game in either schools more than one hundred year history. I keep waiting for Mizzou to screw up, but so far, they look real. I have not seen KU play but being undefeated, they deserve it. Number two vs. number three in the nation. And we are but just witnesses to history.

Did that sound dramatic enough?

It is a good time to be a sports fan in St. Louis

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karlene's mom said...

Hooray... Hoorah... MIZZZOOOUUUU-RAH!

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